"Her voice, songwriting, and guitar ability blew me away the first time I saw her. / La sua voce, le sue canzoni, e la sua capacità di chitarra mi ha lasciato senza fiato la prima volta che l'ho  vista." - Jordan Burns, Flo'N the Go – What's Up in Florence

"Patti DeRosa imbues her folk based music with a distinctive jazz and R&B flavor and an overall sense of musicality that places her in the upper echelon of today's singer-songwriters." - Mark Stepakoff, singer-songwriter and open mike host, The Center for Arts at Natick

"A little Joss Stone, a little Tracey Chapman, a little Sheryl Crow, but happier and funnier." - Cheryl & Scott, loyal fans

"If you haven't seen Patti DeRosa perform or at least heard her sing, there is a piece missing in your life." - Bell Tower News

"Patti DeRosa is simply fantastic! A songstress, a musician with so much talent, so much poise, and a one of a kind if you ask me." - Williamsboy, performer

“A stellar guitar player and a dynamic performer.” - Terence Martin, award-winning songwriter

“A must-see artist with a unique talent that is becoming increasing rare: she has something to say and a powerful way to say it.” - Motif Magazine

“DeRosa has a seasoned voice to tell her story-like songs that range from comical to serious.…Her lyrics are filled with imagery and each song has something to offer…Patti DeRosa brings warmth to her well written, meaningful music and Paradise is a folk rock delight!  -  Laura Turner Lynch, Kweevak Music

"Patti DeRosa has an accessible and engaging way with her audience. She has an ear for a good story and lyrics that express how real people think and feel." - Lisa Moscatiello, performing artist
“(Listening to “Paradise”) you can actual feel the sand between your toes, the wind in your hair and the warm sun beating down on your face. I especially love Patti’s vocal range on this release. She’s not afraid to experiment…and it comes across beautifully.” -  Heather Corcoran, GoGirls Music
“Patti's tells stories…some political, some spiritual, but always entertaining in being in tune to her audience. Her lyrics are visual expressions of her poetic nature, a sincere human being who cares about helping others.”
     - Toni Koch, SongsAlive and Warrior Girls Music.
"Sublime and transcendent music making on every level imaginable: intelligent, warm, insightful and stimulating musicality, speaking to the heart, mind and soul with passion, humanity and warmth."
     - Vincent Cortese, musician and author of "Roy Smeck: The Wizard of The Strings in His Life and Times".
“Her CD ‘Paradise’ is a celebratory collection of songs… Patti D has an enchanting way of drawing the listener in and connecting with the human spirit…Her bluesy, sultry voice is like icing on the cake…” - Monica Yonge, indieguitarists.com

"A powerful presence, a great songwriter, and equally fun, funky, and sizzling."  - Tara Greenblatt, singer/songwriter/percussionist

"Patti DeRosa is a gem that stands out in the vast sea of singer/songwriters." - Madalyn Sklar, GoGirlsMusic.com
“She breaks out of her straight folk box and lets herself swing with smooth vocals made for the blues, easing naturally into the groove like melted butter... like a cool drink on a hot summer’s night.” -  Kevan Breitinger, Indie-Music.com
“A groovin’ blend of Caribbean-flavored social justice-inspired folk!” - JB Sweeney, performer and host of Café Ziba, Acton, MA
“…a marvelous talent…”  - MF Daisy, musician and host of Salon Sunday
“Her voice has a jazzy pop feel and is well supported by her accomplished guitar accompaniment.
She incorporates various musical forms in her writing and is at home with a jazzy or bluesy style which suits her singing and playing perfectly!” 
   - Ellen Schmidt, performer and coffeehouse host
"A honey-warm voice, clear and adventurous guitar work, and incisive lyrics are all hallmarks of Patti's work. And they are still only the tip of her talent iceberg. See this musician soon wherever you can and tell a friend like I'm doing now. It'll be the best 'I told you so' that you've ever told." - Vance Gilbert
"Her activist's voice comes through in song..." - The Boston Globe
"Classic folk...Heartfelt, genuine songs..." -  Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
“Patti DeRosa is a pro with a strong following who always brings out a bunch of fans. The real watchword in my mind is “connection”, and not every performer has it, but Patti connects big time.  Her songwriting and lyrics focus on the human condition in a way that few can. I’m thinking of Bob Dylan here, especially the early days. It’s not all about a clever turn of phrase, or playing with words in rhyme, but it’s more about what people feel and what they experience, and how they rise to their challenges, and suffer their losses, and get up again and go on.”  - George LeBlanc, The Nameless Coffeehouse, Cambridge, MA
"...a fresh voice with a rich tone that delivers upbeat, heart-warming lyrics, supported by equally expressive guitar-playing. It is the rare performer who can, in one moment, address with insight and sensitivity the issue of racism, as in her song, "Grease on My Wheels", and in the next, display her witty sense of humor in a song like "The Big Butt Blues."  - Jim Watson, Coffeehouse Off the Square, Hingham, MA
"...Her well-crafted and melodic songs with varied themes and voices make her stand out... a pleasure to listen to   and a great asset to our musical community." - Ana Eder-Mulhane, Java Joe's Milton
"A fine songwriter blessed with a lovely voice." - Steve Rapson, author of "The Art of the Solo Performer".
"Patti DeRosa is not just another pretty face and pretty guitar, but a pretty voice and a talented performer."
    - Pete Schoonmaker, Mozaic Room Coffeehouse, Avon, MA
"Patti's stage presence is so natural it is like she was born there." - Kenny Townsend, National Guitar Workshop faculty
“Patti DeRosa is an excellent singer/songwriter and accomplished guitarist whose engaging original songs are filled with intelligence, insight and humor. She performs a number of very entertaining cover songs as well."
    - Jon Waterman, singer-songwriter
"Patti has a great natural style for fingerpicking and her voice is wonderful." - Mark M.
"Her voice and the messages in her songs are quite beautiful and powerful". - Barbara H.
"That girl can sing and her lyrics are hard-hitting!" - Gerald J.
"Patti rocks - Wicked awesome!" - anonymous teenage fan
“The voice of an angel and a wicked guitar.” - Kit H.
“A delightful and witty stage presence.” - Betty T.
“A wonderful songwriter, with stunning lyrics and rhythms, and a beautiful voice too!” - Debbie H.
“Her CD is great stuff...(listening in my car was) like a mini-concert taking place right  next to me in the passenger seat!” - Spencer R.
“Patti’s music resonates with me deeply and touches my soul.    She has an easy voice to listen to that is a balance between folksy and guttural sexy...Her depth makes for rich songs.” - Lori S.
“Patti’s new CD is AWESOME -  Great quality recording, terrific lyrics and guitar and vocals! I'll be spreading the word!” - Comma W.
“Her CD is amazing!” - Marty M.

"Intelligent lyrics with sweet soulful vocals and matching melodies..." - Chris S.