- Other Links for Patti DeRosa -
Patti DeRosa's consulting company offering education, training, and consulting on diversity, anti-racism, and social justice.
- Music Sites -

www.acousticmusicscene.com - News and commentary for the folk, roots, and singer-songwriter communities.
www.soloperformer.com - Steve Rapson's wonderful site offers a wealth of information on performance, songwriting, guitar-playing, performing, recording,  and more.
www.voicelesson.com - Mark Baxter Vocal Studios – an incredible resource for singers of all musical styles!
www.gogirlsmusic.com - the oldest and largest community of indie women musicians.
www.werindie.org - a vibrant forum and performing community for women in the music industry.
www.justplainfolks.org – A community of over 26,000 Songwriters, Recording Artists, Music Publishers, Record Labels, and about every other type of member of the Music Industry.  A fun group and a great resource!

www.nysongwriters.com -  The NY Singer/Songwriter Sessions is designed to enable up and coming artists access to some of New York’s best known venues.
www.risongwriters.com - Rhode Island Songwriters Association (RISA) -provides support for musicians, as well as educational programs, critique sessions and performance opportunities for all artistic styles.
- Social Justice Activism -
Community Change
A terrific resource for anti-racism and social justice activists.
Tim Wise
Great essays by this anti-racist writer, lecturer, and activist.