Secrets and Stories” is bursting with the flavors of jazz, R&B, rock, and funk, all grounded in a folk sensibility.  Patti’s smooth vocals and crisp guitar playing are supported by a stellar cast of musicians including Vance Gilbert, Tara Greenblatt, Lorne Entress, Paul Kochanski, John Curtis, Billy Novick, Kristen Miller, Pablo Picker, and producer Tom Eaton. And then, of course, there is the songwriting – lyrics and melodies overflowing with passion, insight, and attitude.”
“(Listening to “Paradise”) you can actual feel the sand between your toes, the wind in your hair and the warm sun beating down on your face. I especially love Patti’s vocal range on this release. She’s not afraid to experiment…and it comes across beautifully.
                               Heather Corcoran, GoGirls Music
Patti DeRosa
Contemporary acoustic music peppered with rhythm and spice
1. Secrets and Stories

2. Bright Lights on A Dark Road

3. Italian Heart

4. Complicated Woman

5. Tell Me Again

6. I Remember Your Face

7. Waiting in New Orleans

Listen to samples "Secrets and Stories"
"Secrets and Stories"
8. Secrets in the Family

9. Have I Ever Told You?

10. Spontaneous Combustion

11. Restless

12. Winter in America

13. Be That  As It May
"Packing My Bags: Patti D Live" is Patti DeRosa's first live CD, released in May 2011, and recorded at the Javawocky Coffeehouse (Brockton, MA), the Catbird Café (Weymouth, MA) and the Roslindale Congregational Church (Roslindale, MA).   This engaging CD features many new, previously unrecorded songs, a few old favorites such as "Bright Lights on a Dark Road", "Italian Heart", and "Restless" (from "Secrets and Stories") and "Big Butt Blues" (from "Paradise"), and a cover of  Billie Holiday's "God Bless The Child".  And of course, there is Patti's signature story-telling and humor, making this CD one that captures the true feel and fun of a live concert.
"Packing My Bags"
To order and hear music samples, visit  CD BABY
To order and hear music samples, visit  CD BABY
To order and hear music samples, visit  CD BABY